Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Misc Post 2 Keeping it Real Carter

1 "Schools are more than institutions where teachers impart skills and lessons;
they are places where teachers transmit cultural knowledge."

I like this statement even though it is the opening statement I thought this is the truth about teachers and students. We all come to class each day waiting for our new lecture and expected to learn from the professional up front. I see this every time when i walked into a classroom because the teacher really knows there stuff very well that they never have to use a text book our any other material in the classroom. If I never understood something the teacher was always there to help me when ever i needed it and went father in detail with it so i can understand it more. I liked this one a lot and it will be continued to be shown in all of my classes.

2 "The cultural production within schools is, no doubt, quite valuable to
students' socialization."

I can see this in a few ways. When a student enters a school environment I know they are going to have have to social with the teacher and it peers all around the spectrum. If the student and the teacher can respond to one another then this calls for some ground work. What I mean is the teacher should go one on one with the student and try to interact with the student because this can make things into a better school year. If the student can get along with the other students, then why can't a student get along with the teacher. I find it really important for teachers and students to like one another because it certainly keeps the stress level down and keeps the enjoyment level up.

3 "Conventional formulas for academic success prescribe that students
accrue dominant cultural capital-for installace, styles of speaking (Standard
English) and interacting; knowledge of certain books, music, art,
and foods; and experience of foreign and nationwide travel"

I like this quote in so many ways because i think it sums everything up about this article. This makes a student a life long learner to be good at possibly everything in school when it comes to math, science, reading, speaking, taking on music, or even art. Music and art teach a student culture and if they can adapt to that at an early age it will stick with them for a very long time. Also, this teaches the student on how everything around them works in society because if they don't know how to speak their primary language this can cause a problem for a few decades to come because how will we know if the student will succeed without the proper tools. The student will learn so much through this process that it will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

In conclusion, this article was very good to read because it really broaden my mind about students and how teachers should act in a classroom. It really helps me out a lot because it shows me how to be when I get to be in a classroom teaching some great kids ready to learn. But it is really up to the teacher on how to describe their topics to the students because if they don't do it correctly they will be in for a rude awakening in the future. As long as teachers and students are happy with each other in the classroom then i wouldn't understand why the student should hava problem in the long run.

Misc Post 1 Leadership and Role Model

While I have been teaching at Bridgham I think one of the main things I have been focusing on myself has been Rodriguez along with Delpit each week. I want the students that I work with to think I am their role model when it comes to music. Each time when I go in there I feel really confident in myself that I can help out these children with anything when it comes to music. I treat it as its my own private lesson because I get to go into a practice room with them and teach them anything that they want to know about, rhythms, scales, and a whole bunch of stuff. Also, I even give them assignments to do for when i come back the next time so I can brighten their minds when it comes to playing music. I tell them to practice multiple things each time so when i come in the next week they are prepared to play what i tell them to play. If I find that they are having trouble with it, I play it for them and then they follow along with me.

Since they like the way I play I use a different method of teaching them something. I tell them if you play this rhythm correctly I will play you a song and jazz it up a little bit. So one of my students was like "Oh man that terrible." But he went on to play the rhythms correctly and I got to play him one of my favorite songs, and taught him a little bit about improvisation. He was in total shock on how i played the song, he was like i want to be like you when i grow up to be a musician. I was like wow no one has ever said to that to me before and i was really happy about that comment. I asked them do you guys consider me a role model in a way and they said yes. I couldn't have felt better about myself because this has been one thing I been striving for since i been at my school.

In conclusion I had a real great time with my students and I felt awful leaving the school today because I wanted to teach them so much more stuff about music because my students were really bright kids and they have a great future a head of them in music if they continue to listen to me and remember what i taught them about music. I always told them practicing is the best thing you guys can do because if you don't practice your not going to sound good in the future and you will lose part of your endurance. If I were to go back there in a year I would hope to see the skills i taught them still intact because I worked real hard with them to hope that one day they will succeed in their life with music. I am going to miss going there but I am glad it prepared me for the real world.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Last BLog Post number 10 Ira Shor

1 "it's very important to begin the school ear with a discussion of why we g0 to school"

I think we all go to school because we all want to learn something when it comes to everything that goes on in society. It is important to start young children off in school so they can get a clear understanding of why they have to go to school. They can learn everything from science, math, history, and so much more interesting stuff. It can also help them decide what they want to pick as a career for when they enter college. If children are not starting school at a young age, they wouldn't get be able to understand why everything works in society.

2 "People are naturally. curious. They are born learners. Education can either develop or stifle their inclination to ask why and to learn."

I feel if students never ask why something works for a reason they wouldn't be learning much of anything. Asking why is usually a very wonderful thing because it can help generate more questions so that students will be able to understand for an example why 2 plus 2 = 4. If students don't ask questions i feel they don't want to be there and they do not want to learn about anything, which can certainly hurt them in the future, unless they understand what the teacher is explaining during there lecture.

3 "Through day-to-day lessons; teaching links the students' development
to the values, powers, and debates in society"

This is when teaching becomes very important to the students. It is very important to teachers to convey their thoughts to the students because if the teacher gives a bad lesson then they can have a problem for the rest of their lives. I think the relationship between the teacher and students is important because it is up to the teacher on how to explain each lesson. If they do it in a way a student doesn't understand they can't just sit there and yell at them for not understanding. This is when they should meet one on one and try to accomplish what has gone wrong so that way the student will be able to understand the material for the next lesson or test.

In conclusion, teachers and student are very important these days because they are our leaders of tomorrow. If teachers aren't doing there jobs then the students can be lost in so many ways that they wouldn't know what to do for the rest of their lives. But why decide early when they have so many years of schooling to go. I still don't know what I want to do but that's no ones fault in anyway of my years of schooling. If students continue to do well in school, do all their assignments, and all of their material then they should be bright students as they go on through the system,

Thursday, April 22, 2010

social justice event

For my social justice event I attended a Lutheran mass with my uncle on Easter. During this mass i noticed so much stuff that related to Delpit, Johnson, and Rodriguez. Being a Catholic and observing another mass was very interesting to see what they believe in to apposed to what I believe in. Also, even though I had a little knowledge about the history of the Lutheran church I thought it would work out my advantage because if I needed help I cold ask my uncle something during the mass to understand what is going on.

I could relate to Rodriguez in a couple of ways. In the Catholic church there are only male priests but in a Lutheran faith they are called ministers and are the leader. It relates here because all of the parishioners look up to the minister as a role model. I find this really interesting because I just thought from going to church services they are just the people that run the mass and thats there job. But as i was looking around the church all of the parishioners looked at the minister as she was God itself, and i found that to be cool in a way. Also, the minister served as a role because through their scripture she tells them how to serve correctly, and to be holy each and everyday. I even asked her after the mass if follow all of this stuff that was presented in this mass would God still accept me even though I am here observing from a different religion. She was really happy i asked that because she said no matter what religion you come from you will be fine as long as your good to all people and learn to be holy and try and teach what i said to in my sermon.

This leads me into Delpit because they have many different codes of power that happen during a mass. During each mass they don't begin with music as they do in the Catholic church but instead they open with prayer and then they play a processional song to follow. The next thing they do they do both readings at once. using in the catholic church they read each reading with a song in between each reading. After that is completed the minister reads the gospel and before it is read they play a song. This is the only comparison i can make to the catholic church because this is the same that we do in our masses. The only thing that I found odd about this mass was they have the children come up to the alter and they recieve their own sermon aside from the rest of the congregation. The next thing that was different from my mass was when they passed out communion they told us to dip it in the wine and eat. I never had to do that in my life before but as I watched the other parishioners do it i saw it was easy and just went with the flow. I couldn't believe how different it was from a catholic mass, sure there was some stuff i didn't agree with some of their beliefs, but i sat there and listened what they had to say and i found it really great to listen to.

Now Johnson I thought was one of the toughest ones I connected this event to but as I kept thinking about it i found it was pretty easy to think of. Everywhere throughout the world, each country and ethnicity has its own culture, religion, languages, and so much more wonderful things. I realized that when i was sitting there listening to this mass, this is what these people believe and live by in society. It is their religion, put of there culture, and also can be their own language. What i mean by language is how the minister presented their beliefs during the mass, and through each song they sang. As culture this is what they live by each day, and pass down to their children in hopes of believing what they do as they grow up. Religion is religion and can be found anywhere across the globe. I found these people to be warm, accepting people, that when i entered the mass I thought i was one of them and no one gave me problem with anything. Also, if people would just leave religion out of everything across the world there would so much less hate in the world, and would probably end alot of wars. What Martin Luther went through was awful because all he wanted to was present people with new ideas and a new religion, not a cult.

In conclusion I thought this was a wonderful experience for me because it certainly opened up my eyes to what goes in another religions mass other than mine. Even though there culture and rules are different from what I follow each day wouldn't turn me away from going there again to learn something new. I really am glad i got this opportunity because i got to see these 3 theorists in action and I got to take in a whole new thing about society. If i never got to do this or see anything else i wasnt used to in my life i would never know how everything operates in their mass. I liked doing this and wouldnt mind doing it again.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Talking points 9 Christopher Kliewer

1. "Mia finished school in segregated placements but then returned after graduation
to take content-area courses originally denied her."

I don't understand why colleges and institutions would deny a student with good grades, and just wants to build her education even more. I find that really irritating because from what it looks like she wants to broaden her knowledge and learn new things. To deny her was an awful thing to do. It is a good thing she went back because she was able to prove to them she can do well even though she has down syndrome.

2 "The movement to merge the education of children with and without disabilities is based on the belief that to enter the dialogue of citizenship does not require spoken, or indeed outspoken, language."

I agree and disagree with this statement for a few reasons. I understand administrators have to be fair to people that have disabilities because it is he law but i think if you merge everyone together i think many people will get a little mad because the teacher would be focusing all of their attention to the student that have disabilities. I think if they were sepperated from each other i think it would all work out because the other students have to learn and keep going with whats going on in a classroom. They shouldnt deny them from wanting to learn at a faster level as long as they can handle it to the best of their abilities.

3. "Dewey promoted democracy as a way of life in which community both establishes and is derived from each individual's recognition of the value of every other individual."

Democracy is very important because it is how our country works and organizes itself to bring it all together. Democracy should be for all people no matter what. If people have disabilities, down syndrome, autism, or any of those types of things they should never be turned down because that is not how our country and society works. Sure people make fun of them and they say well what do they know there stupid and have no idea what is going on. This is what I find horrible because every person has a right to know what is going on in the world and to have some form of citizenship.

I found this article to be very influential for many reasons. Sure there are a lot of people out there who have disabilities so badly that they can't even attend school. For the ones that can they should be able to get an education at no cost. They shouldn't be denied or anything like that because if there smart enough then why take something very important away from them that can better there future. It would just be wrong and not right because as long as the person/student can handle it they should be able to continue learning at whatever rate they can to better their future.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Talking points 8 Anyon

1 "students in different social-class backgrounds are rewarded for classroom behaviors that correspond to personality traits allegedly rewarded in the different occupational strata--the working classes for docility and obedience, the managerial classes for initiative and personal assertiveness."

I don't agree with that at all because it doesn't matter where a student comes from. They can be poor or rich and still be bad kids. I never see that in schools or when I went to school because i feel that everyone got treated the same. Everyone got treated nicely as long as they treated the teacher right. Sure kids can be assertive but its up to the teacher to control what is going on in the classroom.

Ignore this video

Please watch this one

2 "Rote behavior was often called for in classroom work"

I can see this in a couple pf ways. This always happens in a classroom, the teacher assigns classwork, takes a break from teaching, and goes to teach another lesson. When young students start off doing that at a young age it will stick with them until they get into middle school. It gives the students a chance to work by themselves.

3 "Most lessons are based on the textbook. This does not involve a critical perspective on what is given there."

This happens generally happens in every classroom until the teacher memorizes it and never uses the book anymore. I see this mostly in college classrooms, and sometimes in high school. I think kids can learn from both ways because if the teacher never uses a book they know it enough not to use one anymore.

I went both ways on this article for a few things. I agreed with some stuff it stated and a few other things i just didnt like it at all. I think students have a chance to make themselves known in and outside of this classroom. If they are always getting yelled at they will never learn anything. Students and teachers have to work together in order to have good things happen in class. It should never be based on where a person comes from or how much money they have. If they are there to learn and not cause problems then they are doing their jobs. But if teachers base their grades on where they come from then they are not doing their jobs as teachers.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

talking points 7 Gender and Education

Here is what the results were that I found when it came to boys and girls in school based on gender and education.

Girls are very good at math and so are some boys. Some boys are bad at math and so are some girls. I think that is most believed because everyone assume girls are great are math and most of boys are not that good

Also, high school girls who think of math as a male thing are less likely to go
on in math and are less likely to do well in math. Girls are much less apt than equally talented boys to go into math related careers including engineering and the physical sciences.

Parents have lower expectations for girls in math and science. Some educators use the math gene as an excuse for their own gender-biased classroom behaviors. Biology is used to justify the smaller number of girls on math/science teams and the smaller number receiving math/science awards.

Some female teachers feel that being a woman is enough to encourage
girls, and it isn’t necessary to do anything else. Some male teachers feel that it isn’t possible to reach girls so it isn’t necessary to try. Some adults and students feel that girls avoid classes taught by men.

Sometimes it is said that men are better than women and vice versa. Both are totally wrong because men and women have different traits when it comes to doing work in schools. Both sex's have both have their attributes when it comes to school, music, sports, and many other things. If something applies to White girls it also applies to African American and Hispanic girls. If something applies to African American boys it also applies to African American girls. Out of all the studies that i have read about they mostly say the same thing about most ethnic races and other educational attributes.