Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Misc Post 2 Keeping it Real Carter

1 "Schools are more than institutions where teachers impart skills and lessons;
they are places where teachers transmit cultural knowledge."

I like this statement even though it is the opening statement I thought this is the truth about teachers and students. We all come to class each day waiting for our new lecture and expected to learn from the professional up front. I see this every time when i walked into a classroom because the teacher really knows there stuff very well that they never have to use a text book our any other material in the classroom. If I never understood something the teacher was always there to help me when ever i needed it and went father in detail with it so i can understand it more. I liked this one a lot and it will be continued to be shown in all of my classes.

2 "The cultural production within schools is, no doubt, quite valuable to
students' socialization."

I can see this in a few ways. When a student enters a school environment I know they are going to have have to social with the teacher and it peers all around the spectrum. If the student and the teacher can respond to one another then this calls for some ground work. What I mean is the teacher should go one on one with the student and try to interact with the student because this can make things into a better school year. If the student can get along with the other students, then why can't a student get along with the teacher. I find it really important for teachers and students to like one another because it certainly keeps the stress level down and keeps the enjoyment level up.

3 "Conventional formulas for academic success prescribe that students
accrue dominant cultural capital-for installace, styles of speaking (Standard
English) and interacting; knowledge of certain books, music, art,
and foods; and experience of foreign and nationwide travel"

I like this quote in so many ways because i think it sums everything up about this article. This makes a student a life long learner to be good at possibly everything in school when it comes to math, science, reading, speaking, taking on music, or even art. Music and art teach a student culture and if they can adapt to that at an early age it will stick with them for a very long time. Also, this teaches the student on how everything around them works in society because if they don't know how to speak their primary language this can cause a problem for a few decades to come because how will we know if the student will succeed without the proper tools. The student will learn so much through this process that it will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

In conclusion, this article was very good to read because it really broaden my mind about students and how teachers should act in a classroom. It really helps me out a lot because it shows me how to be when I get to be in a classroom teaching some great kids ready to learn. But it is really up to the teacher on how to describe their topics to the students because if they don't do it correctly they will be in for a rude awakening in the future. As long as teachers and students are happy with each other in the classroom then i wouldn't understand why the student should hava problem in the long run.

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